Two Dreams

Witten by one of our Congregation Members I had an interesting/unusual dream the other night, followed by a second immediately after. As the dream began it was impressed upon me that I needed to remember what I see… Read More

Our Manner of Death

Pastor Ken Matthias Jesus walked among them. He taught not as the scribes, but taught with authority. He walked on water and raised the dead. But according to Mark 15:39, it was not until the Centurion, “saw how… Read More

Plague of Unresolved Issues

Pastor Ken Matthias – From an article I wrote in 2012 There is a plague in the land.  People wrapped in chains wandering a desert wasteland, trying hard to move forward but unable to; not knowing why.  Wondering why… Read More

The Richest People on Earth

by Kerry Pocha – 1997 They were the richest people on earth, but all their wealth could not bring back their only son. Their only wish since he was born was to protect him from the world they… Read More

2021 Good Friday Devotional

For Good Friday this year, I encourage you to carefully read through and ponder the full Easter Story as presented in the last three chapters of the Gospel of Mark. Below is the text of these scriptures, as… Read More

Green Pastures

Here is an interesting video submitted by Donna Sicotte, which challenges our North American understanding of the ‘Green Pastures’ of Psalm 23

Active Duty – by Brian Troxel

Submitted by Dianna Green “No soldier on duty entangles himself in the affairs of life,that he may please Him who enrolled him as a soldier”2 Timothy 2:4 Active duty is the posture of those who are alive in Christ…. Read More

Kids Service – July 26, 2020

Kerry & Shawndelle Pocha, Bobby Vizien

A Season of God Stories

Starting August 2, 2020, we will be telling stories of how God has done great things in our lives. Each Sunday, members of our congregation will be sharing their testimony, as well as this website posting inspirational, online… Read More