Our Manner of Death

Pastor Ken Matthias Jesus walked among them. He taught not as the scribes, but taught with authority. He walked on water and raised the dead. But according to Mark 15:39, it was not until the Centurion, “saw how… Read More

Plague of Unresolved Issues

Pastor Ken Matthias – From an article I wrote in 2012 There is a plague in the land.  People wrapped in chains wandering a desert wasteland, trying hard to move forward but unable to; not knowing why.  Wondering why… Read More

2021 Good Friday Devotional

For Good Friday this year, I encourage you to carefully read through and ponder the full Easter Story as presented in the last three chapters of the Gospel of Mark. Below is the text of these scriptures, as… Read More

Green Pastures

Here is an interesting video submitted by Donna Sicotte, which challenges our North American understanding of the ‘Green Pastures’ of Psalm 23

Dealing with Fear

Wisdom from the Tuesday Ladies Bible Study If we allow it, our fears and anxieties can launch a coup for control of our minds. The imagery brought forward at the ladies bible study was that of an old… Read More

The Sanctifying Spirit of God

by Pastor Ken Matthias God is sovereign. He can do whatever He likes, whenever He likes. That said, I personally cannot say I have ever seen a significant move of God’s Holy Spirit without seeing the prerequisites of… Read More

Day 6

Isn’t it remarkable how different a day feels if you have taken the time to meet with God first? It is hard to pinpoint, but there is almost a feeling that something wonderful has taken place, and that… Read More

Day 5

Day five of our ten-day fast. How is everyone doing? I pray that God has been working in your hearts and minds. I have been blessed to hear and see God stirring many people. It has been remarkable… Read More

Trusting God in our Fast

Good afternoon. Day 2 of the ten-day fast. I wanted to encourage all of us to ‘be strong and courageous’. Especially if you are new to fasting, whether food, or media, or something else, it can be difficult…. Read More

Ten-Day Fast begins today!

Thank you for a great Sunday today, a wonderful kick-off for our ten-day fast as a church. I would like to encourage you to keep three books near you during this fast period; a Bible, a notebook to… Read More