Day 7

Day 7 of the ten-day fast.

Good afternoon! Blogging is a lot like praying. Putting out words in the hopes they will be heard 🙂

I have always been the type of person that does well after receiving clear instructions. Even from an early age, I enjoyed being given a task, and figuring out how to do it even better than what was expected of me.

As a pastor, I generally am responsible for determining what tasks I put my hand to. But, I still have a boss… my Father in heaven. If I do not take the time to sit at His feet and hear in my spirit His instructions for my day, I flounder, and weaken, trying to come up with it on my own.

This time of fasting and prayer has reminded me of the clarity God can bring when we position ourselves close to Him through humility, repentance, prayer, praise, and worship.

Thank you Father for the great times together!

Day 6

Isn’t it remarkable how different a day feels if you have taken the time to meet with God first? It is hard to pinpoint, but there is almost a feeling that something wonderful has taken place, and that anything is possible that day.

Compare that to a day that you rush off without even taking the time to say, “Hi” to God. This Sunday’s message is about seeking the presence of the Lord, and the strength that flows out of that closeness.

Continue to press in with God the remaining days of this time of prayer and fasting, however that looks like for you. Even if it is just skipping a meal here and there, or choosing to keep the TV turned off for the evening. Take that time instead to seek your heavenly Father who loves you beyond your wildest imagination, and see what fruit comes of it.

God bless!

Day 5

Day five of our ten-day fast.

How is everyone doing? I pray that God has been working in your hearts and minds. I have been blessed to hear and see God stirring many people.

It has been remarkable how a time of intentional seeking can sharpen us to be sensitive to God’s leading. I believe a lot of it is due to the simple fact that in a prolonged engagement with God, we actually find that we have the time to stop talking (I was going to say shut up, but that would be rude), and listen. We need to spend more time listening for God; just sitting in His Presence, giving Him opportunity to speak.

Thank you for all who are participating this year. God has a great desire to move among His people who would, “humble themselves, and pray and seek [His] face and turn from their wicked ways (2 Chronicles 7:14).”

Trusting God in our Fast

Good afternoon.

Day 2 of the ten-day fast. I wanted to encourage all of us to ‘be strong and courageous’. Especially if you are new to fasting, whether food, or media, or something else, it can be difficult. For many, you may experience almost withdrawal symptoms as your body and mind fight back for control.

This is one of the purposes of fasting. It teaches us to not allow our flesh to control us, but instead, we take control of our flesh. Self-control, though listed as one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, does not come without effort on our part, and requires much practice.

Allow God to work through this voluntary affliction to teach you to bring into captivity the cravings of the flesh, and to trust in God to give you the strength and power to see it through.

God bless!

Ten-Day Fast begins today!

Thank you for a great Sunday today, a wonderful kick-off for our ten-day fast as a church.

I would like to encourage you to keep three books near you during this fast period; a Bible, a notebook to record the thoughts God shares with you, and a songbook of some kind to encourage you to sing.

In case you would like to use the ‘tool’ we exhibited on Sunday, the acronym is ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication). You will find this an enriching way to spend time with God.

If you struggle to find things to pray about, I would encourage you to open up the Book of Psalms, and read carefully each verse, meditate on how it applies to your life, and then ‘pray into’ that verse.

You can always look at our verse from the end of Sunday’s message, Joel 2:15-17, where we find the exhortation to ‘Save Your people Lord’, and to not let Your inheritance be just a byword among the people or give them any reason to say, “Where is their God?”

It is my desire that you participate in this blog by commenting on it, either in response to what I have said, or by letting us know what God has been speaking to you.

God Bless;

Pastor Ken