Our Manner of Death

Pastor Ken Matthias

Jesus walked among them. He taught not as the scribes, but taught with authority. He walked on water and raised the dead. But according to Mark 15:39, it was not until the Centurion, “saw how he [Jesus] died,” that the Centurion recognized the Presence of God.
We can be the most gifted speaker we know; the hardest worker or the most faithful servant in our church… but it is the manner of how we daily lay down our life, that people will recognize the presence of God in us. Think of it; Do you attribute the title of a, “Godly man” more to a great preacher, or to those who love and serve unconditionally? A dilemma in our churches today is that there are Christians who are trying to show Christ to a world through giftings and programs without the inconvenience of having to lay down their lives. Is it a wonder we seem to struggle so much in this area?

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