Sonia Mama

Sonia Mama, a loving mother, adoring grandmother and realtor, died peacefully at the age of 71 on January 9th in Cranbrook, British Columbia. Originally born in Croydon England on July 31st 1950 to her parents (Mother) Sheila Mama and (Father) Soli Mama. Sonia went on to live a magnificent life spreading love, joy and kindness to all those that she met.

Sonia is predeceased by her mother, father and Son; Mark Hall. Sonia is survived by her loving family; Tiana Mama, Kira Mama, Tyson Prevost, Hazel Prevost, Marlene Moisson, Anisa Moisson, Zayna Moisson, along with many friends and family.

Sonia Mama was not just anyone, she was the kind of person that gave a home to those without one, the kind of person who worked relentlessly to help those around her and most of all, she loved those dear to her with all of her heart. Sonia was dedicated to everything in her life, the kind of dedication that inspired those around her. She centered her world around her family along with various outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing with her dogs. Her love rippled through the lives of those who she met as her generosity and kindness made all those that walked into her life feel welcomed and like family. When Sonia was not puttering around in nature, she was either chatting up a storm with someone she had stumbled across or, enjoying a meal or volunteering in her community. Many close to Sonia, would without a doubt consider her someone who loved to indulge in a good meal.

Sonia was both selfless and eager to help and volunteer whenever needed. Her legacy is in all the people she helped as they forward her love and kindness

Even to her very last breath, Sonia gave her all to everyone. The life she lived and the legacy she left will be one that will continue to inspire and stay everlasting for all those she met.

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