Sunday Worship & Message – April 26, 2020 – True Love Firstfruits

Please join us online after the message at 11:45am. We are going to try a new program this week, Cisco Webex. it has the same functionality as zoom, but it is more secure.

An email with a link has been sent out, so to join the meeting, simply click on the link at 11:45am, or just before it, and allow access to your computer. If you did not receive the email, or are having problems, contact Pastor Ken.

We hope to see you later. God bless, and have a wonderful Sunday!

3 Comments on “Sunday Worship & Message – April 26, 2020 – True Love Firstfruits

  1. Beautifully said Pastor. I’ve found that many are open to hearing what the Bible says lately but no commitments made. People are growing short with one another down here at Joseph’s creek so thank you for this reminder to put others first and love them. They are scared. See you at 11:45 if I can figure out how to use the app😋

    • You are preaching God’s message to our generation. We have listened to several messages this morning and they have all spoken on the believers responsibility to show the world God’s love through us
      Good word Pastor Ken.

      • Awesome worship Bill, Leslie. Tammy
        And Katara. So enjoyable. Thanks for the blessing.

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