Month: January 2020

Last Day of Fast

Good morning! I want to say thank you to all who joined our time of fasting and prayer in some way these last ten days. God is good. It has been clear that He is speaking to many… Read More

Day 7

Day 7 of the ten-day fast. Good afternoon! Blogging is a lot like praying. Putting out words in the hopes they will be heard 🙂 I have always been the type of person that does well after receiving… Read More

Day 6

Isn’t it remarkable how different a day feels if you have taken the time to meet with God first? It is hard to pinpoint, but there is almost a feeling that something wonderful has taken place, and that… Read More

Day 5

Day five of our ten-day fast. How is everyone doing? I pray that God has been working in your hearts and minds. I have been blessed to hear and see God stirring many people. It has been remarkable… Read More

Trusting God in our Fast

Good afternoon. Day 2 of the ten-day fast. I wanted to encourage all of us to ‘be strong and courageous’. Especially if you are new to fasting, whether food, or media, or something else, it can be difficult…. Read More

Ten-Day Fast begins today!

Thank you for a great Sunday today, a wonderful kick-off for our ten-day fast as a church. I would like to encourage you to keep three books near you during this fast period; a Bible, a notebook to… Read More

Prayer and Fasting – Derek Prince