Ten-Day Fast begins today!

Thank you for a great Sunday today, a wonderful kick-off for our ten-day fast as a church.

I would like to encourage you to keep three books near you during this fast period; a Bible, a notebook to record the thoughts God shares with you, and a songbook of some kind to encourage you to sing.

In case you would like to use the ‘tool’ we exhibited on Sunday, the acronym is ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication). You will find this an enriching way to spend time with God.

If you struggle to find things to pray about, I would encourage you to open up the Book of Psalms, and read carefully each verse, meditate on how it applies to your life, and then ‘pray into’ that verse.

You can always look at our verse from the end of Sunday’s message, Joel 2:15-17, where we find the exhortation to ‘Save Your people Lord’, and to not let Your inheritance be just a byword among the people or give them any reason to say, “Where is their God?”

It is my desire that you participate in this blog by commenting on it, either in response to what I have said, or by letting us know what God has been speaking to you.

God Bless;

Pastor Ken

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