Day 7

Day 7 of the ten-day fast.

Good afternoon! Blogging is a lot like praying. Putting out words in the hopes they will be heard 🙂

I have always been the type of person that does well after receiving clear instructions. Even from an early age, I enjoyed being given a task, and figuring out how to do it even better than what was expected of me.

As a pastor, I generally am responsible for determining what tasks I put my hand to. But, I still have a boss… my Father in heaven. If I do not take the time to sit at His feet and hear in my spirit His instructions for my day, I flounder, and weaken, trying to come up with it on my own.

This time of fasting and prayer has reminded me of the clarity God can bring when we position ourselves close to Him through humility, repentance, prayer, praise, and worship.

Thank you Father for the great times together!

6 Comments on “Day 7

  1. We are listening Ken. We are just quiet , reflective sheep. I’m following a fast on YouTube regarding fasting your thoughts, words and emotions. Also no beloved bowl of Orville Redenbaucher aweet & salty popcorn.
    I felt hung ho and on fire when I came home last Sunday and waiting at the door for me was the meanest, roughest, LOUDEST RCA I’ve ever encountered and boy was she in a bad mood!!! If ever I needed my comfort food, popcorn remember, it was then. I failed that night in the angry words and thoughts department but knew the next day would be much better. It wasn’t!! The same RCA woke up, the building was severely short staffed. My wheelchair funding was a nightmare and the list goes on BUT GOD (love those words) is observing and I’ve had at least three powerful breakthroughs. I’m stoked about today and the remaining three days

  2. It is amazing how even in our weakness God meets us. We know that we are weak BUT HE is strong … we sang it when we were children. Still, it amazes me. I feel tired and really not that focused; but when I push through despite my feelings, God meets me where I am at and I find that I am strengthened. Sometimes it is just coming humbly before Him in our tiredness and weakness and laying it all at His feet. Relying on feelings can lead us away from where God wants us to be. I know that one only too well. Thank God that He is ever here with His grace and mercy. It is so easy to get focused on our tasks and the chaos that tends to come in daily life. Like Dianna has reminded us BUT GOD. Taking that time with God brings us to a “God perspective”. Our God is full of grace, love, hope, and mercy, never failing, strong, mighty, forgiving, empowering, perfect in holiness, patient, able and willing to help, majestic King, … the list goes on. That is our God! That is Who we have to rely on.

  3. Is that not the way sometimes? Thanks for sharing Dianna. I pray that God gives you strength, grace, peace, and patience. Keep shining! And remember, even when we are “not feeling it,” God’s presences within us can still make pools and springs of water emerge around us. He is so faithful, working even in times when we feel we are not. God bless!

  4. Hi Family,
    I’m not there in body, no ride plus it’s my slated bath night and you wouldn’t want me missing that!
    Thank you Pastor for stirring us up to press in to Jesus, to throw off the sins that hold us back and to move forward always. It is wonderful to sit under the ministry of a Pastor with a heart for the lost!!
    Last week I didn’t have the time to share due to my Dads birthday. God is even more amazing than I first thought and if I could get on my knees that’s where I’d be right now. My fast was from bitter thoughts and words and the beginning of it was a nightmare. I was lied to, physically hurt, emotionally abused and cried out to bc God, WHY ME?!! There was silence as my thick brain took bc a minute to realize He was showing me my heart. He went so much deeper.
    My daughter had been desperately in need prayer and called me last Tuesday confessing the reason for a huge blockage between us. This whole week has been amazing with bc God healing hurts, fears, offences and pride in my life!! My daughter and son in law have moved to a new Church. PRAISE JESUS.
    AN EXTRA: not sure if these means anything but I was coming into pennies and copper all week. I even had a very vivid dream bc about 3 pennies and a dime

  5. Good word Pastor Ken. God inhabits the praise of His people,. There is an old song I sing when circumstances and troubles close in on me. The song I refer to states this: There’s never a reason strong enough for not praising the Lord. Whenever the going is getting tough, you gotta keep praising the Lord. Praise Him, you know that you should, everything’s working together for good , Praise Him, you can never afford, to ever stop praising the Lord.
    I put on Christian music and let the presence of the Lord fill the house , and His joy becomes my strength. Love to all, see you soon.

  6. Pastor Ken,
    Our prayers are with you and family as we experience a new format of church life.
    Your comment regarding our life and future being in the Lord Jesus’s hands does bring peace and comfort in this trying covid-19′ time. God’s mercy and grace has been given to us through His word. (Bible). Matthew 24 has been given to His people , who read ,that all the things which are happening and will happen are prophecied by God’s Holy Spirit to inform us and to insure us that we can trust and believe that our future is secure in Our Saviour who cannot lie. Thank you Pastor for exhorting us all to trust in ONLY Jesus regarding our future.

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