Zoom Live Meeting Information

Zoom is a live audio and video teleconferencing application to be used on your laptop, smart phone, or desktop (with microphone and camera). Up to one hundred people can connect to the same meeting for up to forty minutes with the free version of the program.

It is simple to use, and relatively simple to set up, with any device that has video and audio capability. Joining a meeting is done by responding to an email sent from the host prior to the scheduled time to start. At the scheduled time, you click the link in the email entitled, “Join Zoom Meeting.” If the link in the email does not work, the meeting ID and password are provided so that you can manually enter them in. You do not have to create an account if you are simply joining a meeting. Creating an account gives you the additional ability to host your own meetings.


Depending on your set up, you may have to click through a few simple questions such as, “Join with computer audio,” or, “Join with video.” Once you have followed through those questions, you will see yourself on the screen along with others if the meeting has already started.


A menu at the bottom of the screen allows for you to set some options if you wish, use the chat function, leave meeting, or share an open windows screen from your computer with others.

If you would like to make sure you are set up, and can access zoom prior to a Sunday Service, please contact Pastor Ken to help you.

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