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Bible Study for House Church – April 30, 2023

Our Manner of Death Two Sundays ago, we looked at Acts 1:1-8, and Jesus’ instructions to wait in Jerusalem for the gift that the Father had promised. Jesus had given His disciples many convincing proofs that He was… Read More

Sunday Message – October 10, 2021 – Go and Make Disciples

Sunday Message – October 3, 2021 – Filled With the Spirit

Sunday Message – September 26, 2021 – Wind And Fire

Sunday Message – September 12, 2021 – The Holy Spirit in the Church

We Are The Church Part Three – February 14, 2021

The Holy Spirit

The Sanctifying Spirit of God

by Pastor Ken Matthias God is sovereign. He can do whatever He likes, whenever He likes. That said, I personally cannot say I have ever seen a significant move of God’s Holy Spirit without seeing the prerequisites of… Read More