Annual 10 Day Prayer and Fast

This year’s Annual Ten Day Prayer and Fast will take place starting Sunday, January 17, and going till Tuesday, January 26.

The church will be open for PERSONAL PRAYER from 9:00 am to 11:00 am each day of the fast. Covid regulations will be in place.

We will have music softly playing in the background, and the screens up front will have a list of any specific prayer requests we have received. PLEASE let Pastor Ken know of any other prayer requests you would like added to that list prior to, and/or during the fast.

Occasionally, there will be a couple inspirational articles or links posted here in the church website blog for the time of fasting. If you have something that you feel appropriate and worth considering, please email it to Pastor Ken at

Types of Fasting

  • Absolute (nothing)
  • Normal (no food, but liquids)
  • Partial (remove something from diet)
  • Sacrificial (things other than food)

What to do during fast

  • Focus first on connection with God over petition (asking for stuff)
    • Fasting is not about getting your miracle… it is not A+B=C
    • It is presenting yourself from a place of repentance and humility
  • Worship and Pray
    • Sing, Listen, Soak
    • In the language of men, and in the language of angels
      • If you do not have this, this is a good time to seek God about it
  • Meditate on the Word of God (mull it over)
    • Read (I encourage you if possible, out loud) scripture – pray scripture – Listen to sermons
    • Write down any thought you feel God spoke to you
    • Pay close attention to things you feel God reveals that do not nourish the soul
  • THEN, Petition God

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