Kerry Pocha

Surrounded by family, Kerry Dean Pocha passed in to the perfect love, joy and peace of his Heavenly Father on Wednesday, January 5th after a brief intense illness. He was 54 years old.

Kerry was born November 16, 1967 to parents Red and Carol, the second of three brothers. They were raised as free-range kids, making their own (often dangerous) fun in the woods south of Cranbrook. He accepted Jesus Christ as his saviour at the age of 9, and followed God with passion and integrity for the rest of his life. He committed to helping young people meet and get to know God through kids’ ministry, youth groups, vacation bible schools, mission trips and outreaches. A published author, he pointed readers to God’s character and promises in The Book of Easy Answers with friend and co-author Pastor John Telman.

With a keen intellect and a curious and creative mind, he excelled at school and work, a natural at math and a talented artist and storyteller. He studied math and computer programming at the University of Victoria, and ultimately became certified as an Architectural Technologist after he graduated at the top of his class from the Engineering Graphics and Design course from the College of New Caledonia. Through his working years, he fought forest fires, designed buildings and roadways, ran a contracting business with his brother and father, fulfilled many roles at the Tembec Mill at Canal Flats, and helped kids to unlock their learning potential as an educational assistant.

An adrenalin junkie in his younger years, he enjoyed sky-diving, rock climbing, scuba diving, hang gliding and white water kayaking. He was a skilled life-long motorcyclist, gracefully cranking tight corners with a grin plastered across his face. He danced down moguls and relished time to commune with God in His creation while hiking, camping and canoeing. Playful and spontaneous, he chose joy. He was quick-witted and kind-hearted. He valued quality time with family and friends, whether during epic BB gun wars or over a board game, a coffee or a sand-castle.

He looked to others’ interests first and worked selflessly to meet the needs of family and friends.

Kerry was a man of integrity, a protector, a leader, a creator, a problem-solver. He was always on mission. He was a loving husband, a devoted dad, a faithful son and brother, and a loyal friend. He is survived by his wife Shawndelle Pocha, his daughter Robyn Pocha and her mother Bridget (Jason) Lunn, his mother Carol, his brothers Kirk (Lori) and Shane (Sophie), his nephews Curtis and Isaac, and his nieces Tenesha and Kayla. He is predeceased by his father Thomas Carl (Red) Pocha.

A celebration of life will be held at Cranbrook Alliance Church on Saturday, January 29th at 1:30 p.m., Pastor Ken Matthias officiating. Join us there to laugh and to cry, to hear and to share more stories, and to be encouraged, challenged and inspired. An internment service will follow at a later date.

Live streaming of the service will be available on-line.

In lieu of flowers, consider a donation to help to support persecuted Christians worldwide through

Sonia Mama

Sonia Mama, a loving mother, adoring grandmother and realtor, died peacefully at the age of 71 on January 9th in Cranbrook, British Columbia. Originally born in Croydon England on July 31st 1950 to her parents (Mother) Sheila Mama and (Father) Soli Mama. Sonia went on to live a magnificent life spreading love, joy and kindness to all those that she met.

Sonia is predeceased by her mother, father and Son; Mark Hall. Sonia is survived by her loving family; Tiana Mama, Kira Mama, Tyson Prevost, Hazel Prevost, Marlene Moisson, Anisa Moisson, Zayna Moisson, along with many friends and family.

Sonia Mama was not just anyone, she was the kind of person that gave a home to those without one, the kind of person who worked relentlessly to help those around her and most of all, she loved those dear to her with all of her heart. Sonia was dedicated to everything in her life, the kind of dedication that inspired those around her. She centered her world around her family along with various outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing with her dogs. Her love rippled through the lives of those who she met as her generosity and kindness made all those that walked into her life feel welcomed and like family. When Sonia was not puttering around in nature, she was either chatting up a storm with someone she had stumbled across or, enjoying a meal or volunteering in her community. Many close to Sonia, would without a doubt consider her someone who loved to indulge in a good meal.

Sonia was both selfless and eager to help and volunteer whenever needed. Her legacy is in all the people she helped as they forward her love and kindness

Even to her very last breath, Sonia gave her all to everyone. The life she lived and the legacy she left will be one that will continue to inspire and stay everlasting for all those she met.

Bible Study for Home Church – January 23, 2022


We would like to encourage you to take some time to read and look at the following scriptures and study points with your group during your time together.

Though we are intentionally meeting in separate homes, we are one in Christ; looking into His Word together, fellowshipping together, and lifting one another up in prayer.


Read the passage together, discussing among yourselves the following teaching points either as you read the scripture, or following the reading of the scripture. These points are offered to assist in starting conversation amongst yourselves; use them however you choose to.



Two Sundays ago, we looked at Jesus’ description of what the Kingdom of God is like. In His message to the people in Matthew 5, Jesus declared that though we will have trouble in this world, we are still blessed being that we belong to that Kingdom.

Using this passage from Matthew 5, discuss Jesus’ examples of trouble and sacrifice, and how they relate to you personally.


Matthew 5:3 – Poor in Spirit – theirs is the kingdom of heaven

Question: What does ‘in Spirit’ mean, and how can we be ‘poor’ in it?


Matthew 5:4 – Those who mourn – they will be comforted

Question: Discuss how being part of the Kingdom of God brings comfort to those who mourn?


Matthew 5:5 – The Meek – they will inherit the earth

Question: Why would the meek inherit the earth??


Matthew 5:6 – Hunger and thirst for righteousness – They will be filled

Question: What are we hungering for, when we hunger for righteousness?


Matthew 5:7 – The Merciful – They will be shown mercy

Question: Do you struggle to show mercy?


Matthew 5:8 – Pure in Heart – They will see God

Question: How can we be pure in heart, when we live in an impure world?


Matthew 5:9 – Peacemakers – They will be called children of God

Question: Where is the line (and is there a line) that separates keeping the peace, from speaking up to defend what your beliefs are?


Matthew 5:10-12 – Persecuted because of righteousness – Theirs is Kingdom of Heaven;

Question: We have suffered so little persecution in our part of the world, but the little we have endured, are we able to ‘rejoice and be glad’, feeling ‘blessed’, or do we react in some other way?


Matthew 5:13-15 – You are the Salt and the Light of the earth… Shine!

Our responses to the trouble we face in this world, and our ability to endure it, is greatly influenced by our understanding of our citizenship in the Kingdom of God;

The more we grasp that though we live in this world, we are not of this world… the more we can experience blessing in the face of trial or even persecution.

This world is not our home. Here, we are ambassadors of another Kingdom, who are salt and light in this world in order to point others to the Kingdom of God.


PRAYER POINT: Lord, help me to seize the truth that my home is not here. Like the Israelites were not to adopt the ways of the people in the promised land they were coming into, we are not to become so enamoured with the things of this world, that we forget the Kingdom of God.

Help me Lord, to be salt and light here, even in the face of trouble. In those moments, remind me of the future in have in you; let me turn my eyes upon you in those trials, and rejoice and be glad because nothing can happen to me that can dim the promise of the eternal glory in Your Kingdom that awaits me.


GOD BLESS your households as we take these last Sundays of each month to learn new ways of worshipping, fellowshipping, and creating opportunities to reach those who either cannot, or will not attend a regular church service.